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I don't see the license info.  I assume this is for commercial use???? Please specify

Hello! Yes, for commercial use 


Hello, this package is for non-commercial projects, the right to use for commercial purposes you can get by paying $ 350

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Wut? Are you trolling? For $350 you can buy exclusive custom character made from scratch just for your game. BTW, where your own post-apocalyptic resource pack comes from? It is too large for usual asset pack produced by single artist. It appears to be made by Russian artist(s) and I know at there were cases when crooks scammed artists into producing assets, and then left them without royalties.

Hello. Your information is not correct. Our license

I bought this a long time ago for $10.  It didn't say anything about no commercial use except for $350.  Could you clarify where says this.  I would like to use for commercial use.  It just said donations of $10

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Hello, You are permitted to use the resources in any number of personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client. No additional fees are required. Please read our license carefully. Have a nice day!)

No, AlexKingAK, no mention of any limitation to non-commercial projects was made before you began to sell this pack. No license information or restrictions of any kind were listed. If you want you can modify the license now but you will need to post that on the page. As far as I am concerned, this package was sold with commercial rights prior and no other restrictions mentioned.