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I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or or steam or any site use your ambients (this Playlist)? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

please forgive me. I am really so sorry... Its Your Original Work (Please don't think bad Idea I am afraid for copyrights)?

Hello, license

Hi. Sorry but, I am not understanding your license. Sorry about this. 

I can use and I can sell my game on EpicStore or or steam or any site use your ambients? Of course I give you credit. I promise you

Freebie Products from him


  • 2.1.1 You are permitted to use the resources in any number of personal and commercial projects for yourself or a client.

(You are allowed to use the Content of the Freebie Products for Personal Use or Commericial Projects)

  • 2.1.2 You can modify the resources according to your requirements and include them into works such as game projects, elements for websites, applications, printed materials and others

(You are allowed to Modify the Content of the Freebie for your Requirements, and include them into your game project/final Product)

  • 2.1.3 You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

(You can sell a Product that include Content from there Assets)

No attribution or link back to this site is required, however any credit will be highly appreciated

(You dont need to link/credit the Creators, But it would be appreciated to thanks them for there work)


You can NOT "resell" the art source files (PNG, JPG, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, etc) or slightly modified version of the art. You can not redistribute the art or modified version of the art in a manner that would make some or all of the art files useable to another end user via the app.

(You can like said use them in your own Projects and sell them. But you are not allowed to sell there Source Files as your own... and yes this would be a really silly and bad Move)

I guess the 2.3. SUPPLEMENT FOR ENTERPRISE LICENSE HOLDERS Part falls away... until you are a Enterprise License Holder... (Not known exactly what it is)

Thank you, for now i'm a student and will use it for free, sorry ! But i promise i will pay for it, if i decide to make it public

Cool Suff, Thanks

Thanks a lot!