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Thank you for your amazing graphics! I used these for  my space shooter :)

Perfect UI elements! I used many graphics throughout my free game: Shoot & Spell. I credited you in-game as with a link to


do i need approval to use this in my app


I love this pack.  It's sleek and stylistic.  There are a lot of duplicates, so I found myself re-organizing the pack right away.

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Half of the things in these screenshots arnt in the actual download folder. Disappointing

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

Hi! Glad to see our assets in your project!

are we allowed to use this in a game

Is this free to use in any way or need attribution?

Following the original source:

license is here: