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I would love to use this on my platformer game…

Good afternoon, can I use it for free to make my mobile game and publish it on the play store?

Hello, you can use graphics to create video games :


Please legally bind on what Licence agreement Title you are using. If its " No license under the following terms " It has to be stated with the page or the txt message you have provided within the asset, and then you are entitled to specify a page for further information. 


The archive contains a link to the license

These are adorable! I'm going to use them for my horror game, going for a Raze's Hell type deal. Thank you!

Thanks.Good luck to you!

Thank you for the sprites I gave you credits in my game

Can I use this site to create games on Scratch with my students? I am not selling anything to them.

Hello, we have a special license for courses. Please contact support

Hi! I used some of your sprites for my game Blue Bunny and added your name to my credits. 

 The demo is already published and I leave you the link in case you want to see it.

Thank you for your great work!!

I used your sprites for my game and added your name to my credits. I LOVE IT

is this free to use commercially and non commercial project? can i use this for my game ???

Hi! File license:

It is allowed for commercial and non-commercial use in projects.

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Hi soon i'll will release my game in playstore and i'll also give you credits i'll put craftpix, you deserve it i'll comment again if my proj is done godbless you and always keepsafe!! 

Hello. You confused the inscriptions Idle & Climb?) Nice animations.

These images are amazing! Thank you so much!

Thank you for posting and making it available for free.

I wrote an article about Why Do Indie Games Use Pixel Art. In it I included your image, credit to you and a link that redirects back to this page.

If you don't desire to have the image or link included please notify me and I will remove it immediately. 

love this art im making a RPG game out of it thanks so much

exist in 16x16? great job


Whats the licensing on these? Can I change them and use them commerciallya?

Thanks for the art, I appreciate it 

You are welcome!

I love pixel art, Thank you :D

You are welcome!

What's the license on this? I absolutely love it 😁