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What is the Tiles format, and for which engine?

Thank you.

this one is on of the best from my opinion


Really amazing work, very unique environment assets! Inspiring stuff, makes me want to be even more original with my work!


Daaaaang that is cool!


Thank you so much! We will make new assets this topic in the future. 

The zip file contains a link to this license:

The license mentions that it applies to "resources purchased from CraftPix store".

Can you clarify the license terms for assets downloaded directly from

I am reaching out from the official web page of Craftpix Studio on I would like to inform you that the licensing terms remain consistent regardless of where you purchased or downloaded the game assets (whether it's from the official website or from the official page).


Thanks for the clarification. This should be mentioned in the license itself, otherwise the terms legally don’t apply if downloading from (since the license specifically mentions that it applies for assets downloaded from craftpix).